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How Do You Shelf Your Books

Today, someone in an online picture book writers’ group I belong to posted a question…How do you organize your picture books? This got me thinking. I looked around my office, then my bedroom, moved to my living room, my lower level living room, my guest bedroom, and finally, my closet. How do I organize my picture books as for that matter any of my books? I organize my books a couple of different ways.
In my office, I have a shelf for my own published books. While revising a manuscript and doubt begins to creeps in all I have, to do is look up and I am inspired and encouraged to keep plugging away. Studying, researching and finally, picking the perfect word is a lot like searching for the perfect puzzle piece only with writing a writer knows every word is fair game when it comes time for revision.
Along these titles, I have all my writing books, how to write a query letter, handbook on magazine writing, writing books for young people and many others.
On my desk, I have piles of library books for current projects. Weekly, I go to the library and check out a bagful of picture books. I read them, study them, count the words, study character and structure and then read them all over again.
I have piles of books that I am using as reference books on manuscripts I am working on. Piles of books on Arlington National Cemetery, Ellis Island, and Cherry Blossoms to name a few sit on my desk currently.
I am happy in my office. I am surrounded by books, paper and art work what else could be better!? What is sitting on your desk?

my published titles






Earlier this summer, I was blessed to travel to Chicago with my son, Joe and his new bride, Abby. My daughter-in-law is a very gracious young lady and even offered me the front seat. I declined her offer knowing in my heart, my rightful place was in the back seat and her’s next to her husband. We laughed, giggled, shared stories and had a great time. I will long remember our trip.
We made a day of sightseeing downtown Chicago with my nephew, Jake as our tour guide. We had a ball, looking, walking, eating Italian sampling chocolates and riding the train in and out of the city. I hope to share some of the photos I took but one of the best memories of Chicago for me was being surrounded by beautiful artwork.
This photo is of a building not far from the train station. Just try to imagine the work, effort and talent it took to crave these figures.
I believe, we are all artist in our own right. We may be cooks, gardeners, nurses, bankers, bedmakers and kids at play but we all have a gift, talent, something that only me, myself and I can do as well as I do that special activity.
Take a moment of quiet, and think about what that gift may be and then go out and share your talent with someone around you.
I hope you surprise yourself at the gifts God had bestow upon you.

Children Learn By Example

Gabby ReadingNate Reading

Two of my eight grandchildren spent a mini-vacation with me last week. I had the time of my life, I only hope they had half as much fun as I did.
We explored and experienced City of Mankato Sculpture Walk, library, Blue Earth County Museum, Rapidan Dam, Minneopa Falls, Sibley Park, and finally, took in a movie just to relax. We have 169 photos to prove it.
During one of our down moments we were in the living room and Nate, my grandson said, “Look, Nana.” He was reading a book just like the sculpture of a child reading, my brother had given me.
I am so proud of my daughter and son-in-law they have a job, weekend school, volunteer, coach and keeping up a home and yard with six active kids, they still make time to read every day and take part in the summer reading program. Going on vacation to Nana’s house and they each were told to pack a bag and in each his/her bag was a book to read. I have to admit we didn’t have much time for reading but we did look at a few books at the library!
Today a Reader; Tomorrow a Leader.

Winner of the 2014-2015 Mankato Poetry Walk!

I am excited to share my news….I just learned my poem titled, Magical World of Books, was selected to be part of the 2014-2015 Mankato Poetry Walk! My poem will be printed on a sign posted at Glenwood Ave & Pohl Road.

This is the second year for Mankato Poetry Walk. Over 35 poems will appear in parks and on bike trails through out the Mankato area. I will get to record my poem and then walkers, bikers and other listeners can hear recordings of the poets reading their poems.

The winners range in age from 8 to over 70 and are from Mankato and the surrounding area.

Poems were submitted online and were anonymously judged by well-respected poets, Peter Stein, Bethany Barry and Charmaine Donovan from the League of Minnesota Poets.

The Mankato Poetry Walk and Ride is sponsored by the Southern MN Poets Society, Mayo Clinic Health System, VoyageurWeb and Creative Ad Solutions.

The Cities of Mankato and North Mankato have generously provided the sign posts to display the poems. Without their support, this would not be possible.

This sign will appear on the corners of Pohl Road and Glenwood Ave. in Mankato, MN

This sign will appear on the corners of Pohl Road and Glenwood Ave. in Mankato, MN