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Autumn Hurrah

I have learned over the last few weeks less is better. While outside in the beautiful fall weather, enveloped in gorgeous colors, smells that tickle my nose only once a year, sounds of crackling bonfires and taste buds coming alive with apple and pumpkin desserts, I am left speechless. Words can not begin to express my thoughts and feelings. I’ve tried and tried but in the end I believe this haiku says it best.

Autumn Haiku

Dazzling autumn hues

Kissed with shimmering sunshine

Priceless tapestry.

IMG_1383-001 IMG_1349-001 IMG_1473 IMG_1447-001 IMG_1406-001


Fall Colors

I love Fall colors. A palette of oranges, golds, reds, yellows, browns, sprinkled with bits of green can not be beat… but today, I saw something that change my mind to adding purple to the list!IMG_0182-001 IMG_0156 IMG_0113-001

Turning 59 Years Young

Turning 59 years young proved to be very exciting, another life adventure and exhausting all rolled into one.
Friday, my birthday was spent in Rochester with my six grandchildren for Grandparents Day. What a treat!
First, donut holes and juice, interviews by Lukas and a friend, Jaden without his grandparents, they were back in China, reading books together, making a book mark that I will treasure forever all in the first grade classroom, on to Mass with the other set of grandparents plus a loved aunt and uncle and kids. Great time to worship and praise in thanksgiving for grandchildren.
Gather everyone up for out-to-lunch , back to school and on to the second school, middle school at St. John’s where Gabby would play her guitar during Mass.
We headed to Gabby’s class where the students had questions ready for us. Fun to share I went to a school where there were only girls, no boys and I played on a girls’ football team. We went to Mass and celebrated with a guitar, horns, hand bells, organ, piano, flute, violin and amazing voices all performed by 5th thur 8th graders.
Picked kids up, dropped kids off felt just like the good old days of my own kids.
Drove home to Mankato to a pizza dinner by Sally and Taylor with my parents complete with cake and candles. Fixed four sets of appetizers and an apple pie to take to my brother’s for supper on Sat. before bed.
Saturday, picked up friends and headed to Trader Joes, New Looks, Value Village and the Idea House at Bachman’s. Finally, ended up at Jeff and Paul’s for a grand dinner and visiting, home by midnight.
Sunday, Mass with my parents, made three double batches of Granola, Peanutbutter, Date Walnut and Cranberry Walnut, my top two sellers for the Fall season. Did outside yard work for winter.
Then met two dear friends in Mankato for the evening, Steve and Vicki Palmquist who are masters concerning everything and anything to do with children’s literature. We talked family friends, authors, publishing houses and the world of children literature. My head was spinning when we finished dinner three hours later.
Home to bed.
Oh, did I mention.
Molly went to school on Friday evening and all day Saturday only to run her first full marathon on Sunday with a time of 4 hours and 9 mins. Brain and the kids showed up along the race route three times and was at the finish line.
Natalie and Barcley are enjoying time in Quam together until the Navy called all the sailors back to the sip three days early because of the incoming typhoon and the second typhoon was bearing down on Tokyo, where their home is. Barcley was gone and Nat had to stay.
Sally was working all day and the baby is back in the correct position.
Joe worked all weekend on his deck railing.
I am truly blessed. Family, Friends, Faith, Good Health tossed with a bit of writing and photography…Life could not get any better!